What is La Hora Loca? In English it is called The Crazy Hour.  The tradition comes from Latin Weddings and primarily a Venezuelan tradition.  This is such a fun experience it quickly became a hot trend crossing over to other cultures. In South Florida alone, it has spread from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and even Palm Beach.  Just recently we performed at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach and we did La Hora Loca with major crowd reaction. La Hora Loca can be considered like an After Party within the Party.  Some have described it like a New Year’s Eve Celebration.  Typically done towards the end of the wedding reception (around the last hour of the reception). Click Here for a Sample Mix of La Hora Loca music.

Crazy Hour Miami

What do you need to have La Hora Loca? The Party favors is a major factor and a must have if you are having a Crazy Hour.  For Example cool glasses, noisemakers and the main ones are masks and Hats (Typically the Bride & Groom will have their very own Over the Top Hats and/or Mask).  We also provide Confetti Blast which make it super fun.



Can My DJ Handle this or Do I need to Hire Extra Entertainment? We are able to provide La Hora Loca experience and depending on what you are looking for you may hire additional Entertainment.  One particular Company that specializes in La Hora Loca with many types of Entertainers from Brazilian Dancers, Party Stilt Walkers, Drummers and so much more is a Company Based in Miami called Sunflower Entertainment.

What kind of Music is Played During La Hora Loca? Click Here for a Sample Mix of La Hora Loca music.  The music should be high energy and can consist of Dance Music, Latin Rhythms, to Some Up Beat Disco Songs, Brazillian Music and Caribean Music.