Planning your Wedding in Miami can be many things from time consuming, confusing, challenging, and lets not forget it can also be Exciting & Fun!

Anna & Brian Wedding 2014

There are 3 Steps if you are getting married and planning for a Ceremony and/or Reception.

  1. Research Mode: You have not hired your Miami wedding vendor and you are gathering information and making appointments to make a solid decision.  This is an obvious crucial step.  Advice would be to narrow down your selections and make a decision with whom you feel comfortable and confident in offering you the best in what you are looking for.  If you meet with too many Vendors you run the risk of being even more confused then when you started.   One Factor to consider in your research mode when contacting your vendor is how long does it take for them to get in contact with you.  Is it the Same Day, Right Away, the next day, or Next Week? You will discover if you are looking to hire a DJ for your Miami Wedding, responding to you is a top priority.  This does not go for just prospective clients.  Our Booked Brides and Grooms can testify we always reply immediately. This is a priceless piece of mind because we are with you all the time and for each step of your Wedding Planning Musical Journey.
  2. Hiring Mode: You are ready to Book your Vendor.  You have done your research and you are confident in your decision.  If you are pressured to hiring a Vendor because of an expiration of a sale, or if they are using scare tactics…Run!!! We take a different approach that might be unprecedented.  We never pressure our Potential Brides and Grooms and the last thing we want to do is scare you into hiring us.  We simply provide the greatest Customer Service, DJs and Lighting, give you the best information and want to make sure you are comfortable with your decision.  That is our Style.
  3. Planning Mode: So You have made it to a point where you can really let your hair down and get creative and bring your Vision for the Perfect Wedding to life. When it comes to the music, we are here to offer you suggestions and have an exclusive on-line planner to make it easy for you to plan.

Yes, planning a Wedding may not be easy, but done the right way will pay off when you are having the time of your life!  Our Brides and Grooms often say “we were the best and easiest decision they made for their Wedding.”   When it comes to hiring your Miami Wedding DJ, you will love our Planning process.

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